London Dominatrix Mistress Izabel


Sessions with Mistress Izabel

When we meet for the first time, it will be a crash of fire and energy.

Our time together will be a mix of your fantasies and my needs. As a Mistress, I am always in charge, and I will conduct the session according to what I demand from you.

Being kind and well educated does not mean being weak. At the same time, domination is not equal to bad manners. I am naturally dominant, and I will get into your mind without the need of any offensive language. You will feel my superiority from the moment you enter my premises.

Some of the things I love:

Caning session:

Let's do some endorphins circulate  in your bloodstream. Let's remember the torture of cane hitting you for some time...
I'll be your teacher, no mercy, no safe word. Show me how much you can take, show me your ability to bear the pain without screaming, because if you scream I will gag you. When I start I do not want to stop! Surrender this will be the best thing to do.

Cleaning maid

You will be dressed up, with a nice dress and heels. I will assign you tasks to make my apartment perfectly clean. I want to see myself reflected in the the walls and the taps of my bathroom.  I want everything spotless. I will supervise you while you work. If I am satisfied with the cleaning, you will be rewarded, otherwise punished.


From the moment you enter my apartment, you will be handcuffed and blindfolded. There will be a mix of pain and pleasure, and you will now know what comes next. You will only hear the noise of my heels, walking around you. You will be at my mercy, serving me the way I want.

Foot Fetish
Crawl at my feet, adore my beautiful feet and shoes. Sometimes I am back from a long walk or the gym, and you will be in charge of licking every inch of my feet clean. I might allow you to eat some fruit from my feet.

Mistress loves to torture slaves. I have a cock and balls trampling table to guarantee you moments of intense pain and excitement. You might beg for mercy, but I cannot promise that I will listen to you.

Piss fetish
I love you to drink me. I love you to be at your place, where you deserve to be, and drink me for my enjoyment. You will start drinking me from a bowl, or with a funnel, and when you progress with your training you can drink direct from the fountain.

Hard Sport
I can train you to see, smell, touch and swallow my precious body waste. If it’s something new for you, I will train you gradually. You will only see first, then touch, and finally swallow it for my entertainment. This will take place over four sessions.
If you are already trained for this, you are welcome too.

Orgasm Control
You will beg for coming, and you will not be allowed to. Your orgasm will belong to me. You will be teased and never released for the duration of our meeting. How long will you resist? Show me how strong you are. Don’t you dare coming without my permission.

Slave training
You will be trained to serve your Mistress. Every time, you will do a little bit more to please me. The quality and quantity of what you do for me, will increase with the time. This requires devotion to your Mistress and dedication to your training. Beginners are welcome.

Dinner date
I love fine dining, but you will be at your place under my table, near my feet, eating from my hands. You will eat the crumbs from the floor, and lick my dish clean on the floor.

Sissy Training
Would you like to be my sissy? I will dress you up and you will be my slave girl. May be you can clean my home for me, or serve me coffee while I enjoy the sunshine.

Anal Play
Let me see how much you can take, or should I train you to take more and more?

Role Play
I can be your mother in law or step mother. You will be the naughty boy. Put your imagination in my hands. I can be your office boss, or an officer.

Your girlfriend or wife will be tied up, and I will tie and tease you in front of her, or you can be tied up… and…

Crossdressing / Feminization
Be my bitch. You will be wearing female clothes and lingerie, high heels, and be my slut and my servant. Possibly my cleaning lady

Fight with me chicken. I can make you sleep with my strong legs on your neck. You will beg for release. (no safe word, be brave).

Anal training
Let your doctor make a deep examination of your prostate, or simply enjoy strap on play with you. You will beg for more, until you can take all I want.

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